There are plenty of advantages when it comes to custom-made furniture. If you have invested heavily in the house of your dreams and one you want to stay in for many years to come, bespoke furniture is a worthwhile investment. Bespoke furniture is suitable for any room, from media units to fitted bedroom wardrobes
Bespoke furniture fitted by skilled carpenters and joiners can be built to fit a particular space. This can be beneficial in period houses that often have features such as bay windows and chimney breasts. Custom-made creations work well in contemporary homes too, such as modern barn conversations and new builds. 

Storage solutions 

Custom-built furniture can be tailored to your storage needs, whether that be extra shelves in a media unit or shoe storage space inside a fitted wardrobe. 

Make your home unique 

A custom-made statement piece can set the interior of your home apart from the rest. And such furniture items are not named after a Swedish word based on the product! 
Most of us like the inside of our homes to be an expression of our personalities, so whether it is a media unit for the county’s biggest film buff or a wardrobe for the ultimate fashionista, this is where bespoke creations really come into their own. Adam Hope Bespoke will work closely with you to ensure that your bespoke furniture is as individual as you are. 

Be your own interior designer 

Even though you are leaving your bespoke furniture pieces to the experts, that doesn't mean you can’t be as hands-on (or as hands-off) as you would like! So, if you are a budding Kelly Hoppen, you can have great fun choosing paints, woods, finishing's, colour schemes, handles, and other added extras for your custom-made item. The choice of details available is endless when you work with Adam Hope Bespoke. With our years of experience in helping customers with their interior design and carpentry projects, and we can guide you through the process. The result is furniture that you’ll be delighted with and within the budget that you’ve allocated to your project. 
All of our custom-made items are hand-made in the UK, crafted in-house at our own workshop in Hertfordshire. This means we maintain the highest level of quality and service.Click on this text to edit it. 

How much does bespoke furniture cost? 

Bespoke furniture will be more expensive, especially when created in a workshop and fitted by skilled and experienced carpenters and joiners. Unfortunately, it is a sign of the times that the cost of raw materials is increasing, but these price increases are also being seen on ready-made and flat-packed furniture prices. So, while you will expect to pay more for beautiful bespoke furniture, the quality and craftsmanship really will stand the test of time. 
A huge benefit of custom-built furniture is that it can be properly planned and designed around your budget. By discussing your requirements with us from the outset, we can calculate what is feasible and within budget. There are often different options and finishes that can be selected that impact the cost, so the bespoke item of your dreams might not be out of your reach. 

The problem with off the peg pre-made furniture  

Pre-made furniture often seems to result in a space a few inches on either side of your new unit, which often gets filled with items that shouldn’t be there. Think twenty-year-old squash rackets, that dusty ironing board, or those ancient cookbooks! Getting your fitted furniture custom built by high-end carpenters can ensure this doesn’t happen. Plus, there is the unique design and longevity that comes from quality craftsmanship. 

Working in the most unusual spaces 

Adam Hope Bespoke design furniture to accommodate awkward spaces, angled rooms, slanted roofs or alcoves. 
Not sure where to start? 
Adam Hope Bespoke can help you choose from a large selection of different materials, finishes and designs. We only work with high-quality materials to perfectly match the aesthetic of your room. We offer a complete range of woods, including solid oak, walnut, beech, and maple. 

Turn your Pinterest dreams into reality 

All furniture is custom made to your brief, so you really can make your Pinterest pins a reality! The team at Adam Hope Bespoke is always on hand to offer expert design advice. Regardless of whether you already have your design inspiration and ideas, we can help create an individual solution for you. 
If you would like to view the full range of bespoke furniture options, you can request a brochure or view our work online. Get in touch by giving us a call on 07793 450 136 or email us. Here are the Areas we cover  
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