Isn’t it time for a statement media unit? If you have a TV, you probably have a TV stand. It does get the job done, but wouldn’t you like something that does more than house your TV? Absolutely! That’s why you need a bespoke media unit. 

What is a Media Unit? 

A media unit is a contemporary media feature piece that enables you to set your TV (plus any digital boxes, games consoles, or cables) against your existing wall. It sounds simple, but it is super effective. Media units have become an integral part of home interior design and for good reason too. If you are trying to create a minimalistic living room, it can be difficult to keep all the cables and equipment organised and hidden from view. 

Custom Built Media Cabinets for Your Home 

While off-the-shelf TV units might be cheaper, they can be bulky in order to support the growing size of televisions. Plus they can take up valuable floor space. A bespoke fitted media unit can be built into awkward angles and alcoves to solely support the TV or as an entire wall unit with all wires hidden. 

 Why a Bespoke Media Unit  

We spend most of our time in the living room and the television is our favourite form of entertainment. It’s essential that the interior design enhances comfort, functionality and the viewing experience. Choosing fitted living room furniture such as a bespoke media unit can transform your living room into a clutter-free, organised and relaxing space for the whole family to enjoy. 
Any space, anytime, anywhere 
Bespoke media units can be built-in with any type of storage space in mind, including cupboards, drawers or even a wine rack. Take a look at our design ideas for bespoke media units. 
Purchasing a ready-made, shop-bought media unit means that you are limited to the style and size preferences of another company. You also miss out on the attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship that come with something that is bespoke. 
The benefits of bespoke media cabinets include: 
Size doesn’t matter: Custom-built entertainment centres can be as large or as small as necessary. 
The perfect blend: You get to choose the type of wood and colour to best match your current decor. 
Clutter be gone: With Marie Kondo, Mrs Hinch, Stacey Solomon, Dilly Carter all setting the trend for clever organisation and decluttering, a custom-made cabinet enables you to maximise storage. 
Stand the test of time: Custom media cabinets are built with high-quality materials to last for generations. 
Go wireless: Electrical items result in an accumulation of wires and cables which look messy, unsafe, and easily tangled. Once a media set-up has been decided, holes can be drilled wherever needed to thread cables through. 
Here at Adam Hope Bespoke, you’ll get precisely what you want while creating the perfect centrepiece to showcase all your favourite electronics. With the advent of high-quality electric fires with realistic flame effects, we are able to combine an electric fire into any piece of furniture we produce, such as a media centre or a TV wall unit. 
The unrivalled skill of Adam Hope Bespoke carpenters enables us to create traditional, contemporary, shabby-chic and many more types of bespoke entertainment units. All to improve the look and functionality of your living room and home 

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to that bulky TV unit? 

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